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2001 First Amendment Award honorees

First Amendment Awards are presented annually in recognition of extraordinarily strong efforts to preserve and strengthen The First Amendment. The Independent Florida Alligator

For the independent student newspaper staff’s legal battle in the Dale Earnhardt autopsy-photo case. The paper, which serves the University of Florida, went to court in Daytona Beach seeking permission to view autopsy photos of the NASCAR driver, who was killed Feb. 18 in a crash at the Daytona 500. In its quest, the staff faced death threats, vandalism and lost advertising revenue. Attorney Bruce Orwin and Laura Cullen, Kentucky State University yearbook adviser

For their roles in a federal court victory against censorship. In March 2001, two former Kentucky State students settled their lawsuit over the confiscation of the 1993-94 yearbook. The university had confiscated the student yearbooks after they were published because school officials said they did not approve of the content or the yearbook’s purple cover, which was not a school color. University officials justified their actions, saying the books failed to meet the university’s standards. The federal court, however, ruled against the university’s censorship. Orwin was the students’ legal representative in the case and Cullen a key player in the case as the students’ former adviser.

2001 Sunshine Award honorees

Sunshine Awards are presented annually to recognize those individuals or groups making important contributions in the area of open government. SPJ Kansas Pro Chapter

For the creation of a new Kansas Freedom of Information Web site. Linda Lightfoot, executive editor of The Advocate in Baton Rouge, La.

For her leadership in advocating for open courts in Louisiana, especially during two corruption trials of former Gov. Edwin Edwards; also for her efforts to create an FOI advocacy organization in Louisiana. FOIAdvocates in Eugene, Ore.

For creating a new national Web site for both federal and state-by-state FOI information. Sen. Charles Schumer, D-N.Y.

For his advocacy in urging the U.S. Supreme Court to make recordings available to the media of its historic hearings in the aftermath of the 2000 Election. Sen. Charles Grassley, R-Iowa

For his advocacy in urging the U.S. Supreme Court to make recordings available to the media of its historic hearings in the aftermath of the 2000 Election. Also for his continued efforts to allow cameras into federal courts. Chief Justice Robert A. Miller and the South Dakota Supreme Court

For their decision to allow cameras into South Dakota courtrooms, making South Dakota the 50th state to allow cameras into court proceedings. SPJ Queen City Pro Chapter, Cincinnati

For local advocacy and for raising awareness among journalists nationwide regarding new police radio systems that make it much more difficult for the public and journalists to monitor law enforcement activity. Linda Tracy

For her courageous and successful stand against a government subpoena for videotape of disturbances in July 2000 between law enforcement officers and residents in Missoula, Mont. Wyoming Attorney General Gay Woodhouse

For her successful efforts to change state law so that Wyoming residents have more information about people imprisoned in state corrections facilities. Also for her cooperation and partnership with Wyoming media in working for other laws to increase public access to information.

Society Awards

Wells Memorial Key: Steve Geimann, telecom and media policy editor at Bloomberg News in Washington, D.C., Fellows of the Society: Bruce Brugmann, editor and publisher of the San Francisco Bay Guardian; Dori Maynard, president of the Robert C. Maynard Institute for Journalism Education and member of the Sigma Delta Chi Foundation board of directors; and David Shaw, staff writer for the Los Angeles Times. President’s Awards: John Hopkins, SPJ International Journalism Committee Chair; and Sarah Shrode, SPJ Director of Marketing and Communications Howard Dubin Outstanding Pro Chapter Member Award: Lauren Bartlett, UCLA Office of Media Relations, of the Los Angeles Pro Chapter (large chapter); and Travis Poling, San Antonio Express-News, of the San Antonio Pro Chapter (small chapter) David Eshelman Outstanding Campus Adviser Award: Charles N. Davis of the University of Missouri School of Journalism Distinguished Teaching in Journalism Award: Roger Simpson of the University of Washington Julie Galvan Outstanding Campus Chapter Member Award: Aimee Heckel of Colorado State University Robert D.G. Lewis First Amendment Award: Candace Baltz of Washington State University

Circle of Excellence Awards

First Amendment and Freedom of Information Activities: Northern California Pro (large) and Greater Oregon Pro (small)

Minority Relations and Activities Promoting Diversity Among Journalists: San Diego Pro (large) and Virginia Pro (small)

Campus Relations and Scholarship Activities: Connecticut Pro (large) and Greater Tri-Cities Pro (small)

Professional Development and Continuing Education Programs: Chicago Headline Club (large) and Valley of the Sun Pro (small)

Chapter Newsletters: Washington, D.C. Pro and Forth Worth Pro (tie – large) and Bluegrass Pro (small)

Outstanding Chapters

Large Pro: Western Washington Pro

Small Pro: Valley of the Sun Pro

Campus: Colorado State University

Regional Outstanding Chapters

LARGE PRO (75 or more members)

Region 1 – Press Club of Long Island

Region 2 – Washington, D.C. Pro

Region 3 – no award

Region 4 – Pittsburgh Pro

Region 5 – (tie) Chicago Headline Club and Indiana Pro

Region 6 – Minnesota Pro

Region 7 – no award

Region 8 – Ft. Worth Pro

Region 9 – Colorado Pro

Region 10 – Western Washington Pro

Region 11 – San Diego Pro

Region 12 – no award SMALL PRO (Fewer than 75 members)

Region 1 – no award

Region 2 – Virginia Pro

Region 3 – Mid-Florida Pro

Region 4 – no award

Region 5 – Bluegrass Pro

Region 6 – Madison Pro

Region 7 – Southwest Missouri Pro

Region 8 – San Antonio Pro

Region 9 – Utah Headliners

Region 10 – Farthest North Pro

Region 11 – Valley of the Sun Pro

Region 12 – Arkansas Pro CAMPUS

Region 1 – Westfield State College

Region 2 – Appalachian State University

Region 3 – University of Florida

Region 4 – Bowling Green State University

Region 5 – Western Kentucky University

Region 6 – St. Cloud State University

Region 7 – University of Iowa

Region 8 – no award

Region 9 – Colorado State University

Region 10 – University of Oregon

Region 11 – University of Nevada-Reno

Region 12 – Mississippi University for Women

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