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Awards from the Society

By Quill

2002 First Amendment Award honorees

First Amendment Awards are presented annually in recognition of extraordinarily strong efforts to preserve and strengthen The First Amendment.

Vanessa Leggett

For refusing to turn over her notes to authorities who were investigating a homicide. Leggett spent 128 days in jail.

2002 Sunshine Award honorees

Sunshine Awards are presented annually to recognize those individuals or groups making important contributions in the area of open government.

Barbara Petersen,

Florida First Amendment Foundation

For work defending FOI during difficult special legislative sessions in Florida.

Joseph Tyrrell

For his instrumental role in forming the New Jersey Coalition on Open Government and for his support of New Jersey’s Open Public Records Act passed by the legislature in 2002.

Florida Society of Newspaper Editors

For organizing a one-day editorial campaign in support of FOI during the Florida legislative sessions.

Brechner Center for Freedom of Information

For working with students to create the “Keep Florida in the Sunshine” series of public service advertisements.

The Pennsylvania First Amendment Coalition and the Pennsylvania Newspaper Association

For publishing the Media Survival Kit, now in its 6th edition.

The California Newspaper Publishers Association and the California First Amendment Coalition

For their efforts to pass a “Sunshine Amendment” to the California constitution in the state legislature and have it submitted to voters.

Society Awards

Wells Memorial Key: Kyle Niederpruem, former national SPJ President and Sigma Delta Chi Foundation board member; and Julie Grimes, SPJ deputy executive director

Fellows of the Society: Leonard Downie Jr., executive editor of The Washington Post; David Handschuh, photographer for the New York Daily News; and Robert Kaiser, associate editor and senior correspondent for The Washington Post

Helen Thomas Award for Lifetime Achievement: Tom and Pat Gish of The Mountain Eagle in Whitesburg, Ky.

2002 Eugene S. Pulliam First Amendment Award: William M. Lawbaugh, Mount St. Mary’s College in Emmitsburg, Md.

Distinguished Teaching in Journalism Award: Marcel P. Dufresne, University of Connecticut

David L. Eshelman Outstanding Campus Adviser Award: Sue Kopen Katcef, University of Maryland

Howard S. Dubin Outstanding Pro Chapter Member: Dorothy Estes of the Fort Worth Pro Chapter

Julie Galvan Outstanding Campus Chapter Member Award: Alanna Turner, graduate of University of Maryland

Regional Director of the Year Award: Irwin Gratz, Region I

President’s Award: Howard Dubin, chairman of SPJ Membership Committee; Sally Lehrman, chairwoman of SPJ Diversity Committee; Ian Marquand, chairman of SPJ FOI Committee; and Christine Tatum, chairwoman of SPJ Legal Defense Fund

Circle of Excellence Awards

First Amendment and Freedom of Information Activity: Minnesota Pro (large) and William O’Douglas (small)

Campus Relations and Scholarship Activities: Connecticut Pro (large) and Greater Tri-Cities Pro and Virginia Pro (tie for small)

Minority Relations and Activities Promoting Diversity Among Journalists: Chicago Headline Club (large) and Bluegrass Pro (small)

Professional Development and Continuing Education Programs: Washington, D.C., Pro (large) and Virginia Pro (small)

Chapter Communication: Chicago Headline Club (large) and Hawaii Pro (small)

National Outstanding Chapters

Large Pro: Minnesota Pro

Small Pro: Arkansas Pro

Campus: University of Florida

Regional Outstanding Chapters

LARGE PRO (75 or more members)

Region 1 – Connecticut Pro

Region 2 – Washington D.C. Pro

Region 3 – South Florida Pro

Region 4 – Central Ohio Pro

Region 5 – Indiana Pro

Region 6 – Minnesota Pro

Region 7 – No award

Region 8 – Fort Worth Pro

Region 9 – No award

Region 10 – Greater Oregon Pro

Region 11 – San Diego Pro

Region 12 – No award

SMALL PRO (Fewer than 75 members)

Region 1 – No award

Region 2 – Virginia Pro

Region 3 – East Tennessee Pro

Region 4 – Queen City Pro

Region 5 – Bluegrass Pro

Region 6 – No award

Region 7 – No award

Region 8 – San Antonio Pro

Region 9 – Utah Headliners

Region 10 – William O’Douglas

Region 11 – Valley of the Sun Pro

Region 12 – Arkansas Pro


Region 1 – Syracuse University

Region 2 – University of Maryland

Region 3 – University of Florida

Region 4 – Bowling Green State University

Region 5 – Western Kentucky University

Region 6 – St. Cloud State University

Region 7 – University of Missouri-Columbia

Region 8 – Southwest Texas University

Region 9 – University of New Mexico

Region 10 – Pacific Lutheran University

Region 11 – University of Hawaii-Manoa

Region 12 – University of Arkansas