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SDX Awards: Art/Graphics, photo illustration, Tina Burch

By Quill

Daily News of Los Angeles photographer Tina Burch used the hustle and bustle of the bright, city skyline to, ironically, promote camping and nature.

“Always ingenious, Burch used the twinkling lights of Los Angeles as a backdrop and set up a tent on the mountain overlooking the Valley below,” said editor David J. Butler. “She waited for nightfall and got the light inside the tent just right to capture a father and daughter in silhouette inside.”

The image was the headlining element for “Pitch Meeting,” the newspaper’s featured article covering the joy of camping in and around the city for its entertainment-lifestyle section.

“It made the whole idea of urban camping seem like the most beautiful experience,” said Butler.

Judges agreed.

“This evocative photograph, perfect in its composition, lush in its lighting and color, transcends the need for words,” said the judges. “The timing to get the lighting and colors just so, along with the simple stark symbolism of the tent and silhouettes, show as much perspiration as inspiration in the effort.”