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Obituaries – May/June 2010

By Quill

Remembering SPJ members who have died.


Jerald F. terHorst died March 31 at age 87. An SPJ member since 1943, terHorst was born in Michigan and worked at the Michigan State University student paper, graduated from University of Michigan and worked as a journalist at Michigan papers. He was a political reporter and columnist, and is remembered for the brief month he spent as press secretary to President Gerald Ford. TerHorst resigned from the position after Ford pardoned President Richard Nixon, a decision with which the journalist did not agree. He received the first Conscience-in-Media Award in 1975 for his act of resignation. Contemporaries remember terHorst as a man who stuck to his principles and had, as Sen. Donald Riegle, D-Mich., wrote in 1990, “high ethical standards.”