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November 14th, 2001 • Quill Archives
Reacting to disaster

The terrorist attacks that brought down the World Trade Center towers and pierced the Pentagon affected all Americans, including journalists who were there and those handling the early coverage. Because of the attacks, SPJ 2001 National Convention planners quickly substituted, expanded or added several panel discussions about the Sept.

November 14th, 2001 • Quill Archives
Civic journalism and the online world

The Internet can be one of the most aggravating devices in a civic journalist’s life – and one of the most useful. “Urgent” Internet and e-mail messages can clog journalists’ inboxes, distracting them from that 15-inch story the editor demands within an hour.

November 14th, 2001 • Quill Archives
Writing for the Internet

A panel of journalism educators and Web-reporting pros gave SPJ National Convention attendees a short course in Web writing. The basic advice is this: write like a journalist. THE BASICS • Keep the most important information up top. Use the inverted pyramid format.