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July 3rd, 2007 • Quill Archives
Casting Call: What kind of journalist are you?

Journalists are many things in American film. There’s the dignified leader, the quick-witted lush and the romantic. At least two superheroes hid their secret identities with the help of gainful employment at newsrooms. And Neve Campbell’s character in “Scream” might have been a goner if not for that reporter title.

April 2nd, 2007 • Quill Archives
Stick it out or head back to class?

Cataloguing the lives of most of my college newspaper standouts and fellow reporters from internships and jobs, I know where some headed — law school in Boston, business grad school at Georgetown University, political science masters degree in Washington, D.C. Life has felt a little like a bad 1980s peer-pressure PSA with drugs swapped for higher education, and me wondering if my mere bachelor’s degree could soon be substandard if not subhuman?