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December 9th, 2014 • Quill Archives
New Year, New You: Master the Art of the Side Project

My name is Mark Briggs, and I’m addicted to side projects. I’m not aware of any 12-step programs to help individuals deal with such addictions. And, really, there’s no need. Anyone with a similar affliction can tell you, the benefits of side projects far outweigh the costs.

December 2nd, 2011 • Quill Archives
Mark Briggs on ‘Entrepreneurial Journalism’

Entrepreneurialism. It’s not just a word reserved for go-getting restaurateurs and tech-minded Silicon Valley whiz kids. Increasingly, it’s a skill that journalists are learning is nearly as valuable as their favorite style guide. In an age of news experimentation – and some might argue, re-invention – having entrepreneurial skills and being business-minded aren’t just a necessity for publishers, station owners and ethereal “white collars” above the newsroom (the ones in offices “with a view”).