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April 6th, 2015 • Quill Archives, Member Profile
Member Profile: Chris Vaccaro

Take advantage of opportunities around you. That’s what Chris Vaccaro has done, time after time, in his Long Island community of Sachem. That’s what he tries to instill in his journalism students at Hofstra University. That’s the living example he has displayed since age 15 at Sachem High School, where he began his sports journalism career and love of all things Sachem.

February 3rd, 2015 • Quill Archives, Member Profile
Member Profile: Genevieve Belmaker

Being a mother and a crime/war freelance reporter means being teargassed by police officers in the middle of the Ferguson, Mo., protests while four months pregnant, or leaving behind your young son with his father to report on bombings in Israel.

October 22nd, 2014 • Quill Archives, Member Profile
Member Profile: April Dudash

She may not have always matched the color of her shoes or had the guts to approach people to interview, but with the help of SPJ and some comedy improv, her outlook changed. April Dudash was extremely shy as a child, so shy her mother had to force her just to talk on the phone with people.