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Odds and Ends

May 1st, 2002 • Odds and Ends
Odds & Ends

NBC REVERSES DECISION TO RUN LIQUOR ADS Just three months after NBC broke a decades-old ban on televised liquor advertisements, the network reversed its decision in March after a barrage of criticism from lawmakers and advocacy groups. NBC said leaders of both parties in Congress asked the network to reconsider its decision to broadcast the first liquor ads since 1948, when the networks began a self-imposed ban, Reuters reported. “We have agreed to do that.

April 3rd, 2002 • Odds and Ends
Odds & Ends

VOA REPORTER IS PULLED OFF AIR A Voice of America journalist who landed an exclusive and controversial September interview with the Taliban leader, Mullah Mohammed Omar, has been taken off the air and reassigned to what she and the agency’s news director call a “useless job.” The reporter, Spozhmai Maiwandi, and the news director, Andre de Nesnera, said that the job change is in response to outside pressure that has prompted the VOA’s chief to impose a ban on interviews “with any official from nations that sponsor terrorism.” Although the VOA does broadcast clearly defined U.S.

March 5th, 2002 • Odds and Ends
Odds & Ends

MINNESOTA PUBLIC RADIO MAKES CUTS Minnesota Public Radio, one of the largest public radio networks, will cut its budget and jobs this year. MPR President Bill Kling said the network’s budget would grow by 6 percent in the 2002 fiscal year, which began last July, instead of 15 percent as expected. Up to 13 people were being cut from a work force of about 350, but the network will have 15 more jobs than it had in fiscal year 2001, which ended June 30. “Like all media companies here and nationally, we are feeling the effects of the recession because of an extreme reduction in advertising budgets,” Kling said. Although MPR does not accept regular advertising, it does get revenue from businesses that underwrite programs and are mentioned on the air. MPR, known for “A Prairie Home Companion” and other popular productions, said it still plans a major expansion of its St.

February 6th, 2002 • Odds and Ends
Odds & Ends

PENTAGON PROMISES GREATER WAR ACCESS Victoria Clarke, the Pentagon’s top spokesperson, acknowledged “severe shortcomings” that sharply limited reporting of U.S. casualties in Afghanistan in the fall and has pledged greater efforts to ease constraints on reporters in the field. Clarke, assistant secretary of defense for public affairs, issued a memo Dec.

October 4th, 2001 • Odds and Ends
Odds & Ends

Reporter pulled off story after complaint When Karen Lee Ziner, a police reporter for The Providence Journal, was assigned a story in May about a domestic violence case, she tracked down a police report and summarized what it said: that a woman had been hit repeatedly with a hammer and found naked on the floor of her apartment.

July 31st, 2001 • Odds and Ends
Odds & Ends

Jerusalem Post launches home delivery in America There is now yet another newspaper for readers in the New York metropolitan area to choose from, at least on Fridays. Unlike The New York Times, New York Daily News or the New York Post, this one hails from far, far away.